Reservation for SEASIR NAHA

    Seasir Naha will close from 2023/12/1~22 for a winter break.

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    *Refresh diving is request for divers who have experienced less than 30 dives and have not been dived within a year. (Refresh diving is not available from Jan to Mar.)
    *If you are not certified and want to experience scuba diving, please visit our Introductory dives page.

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     ※Full set including BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Mask, Snorkel, Dive boots, Fins, Dive computer.

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    ※The requests are based on availability and are not guaranteed.

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     ※Read our Health Check List

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    Cancellation Policy.

     ※If you have 2 people or more, please provide each participants' information : Name/Age/Diving certifying organization/Diving Certification Levels/Total Dives Times/Last Dive Year&Month/Equipment Rental(if need).