Diving Sites

Why Kerama?

While there are many famous diving sites in Okinawa
such as Ishigaki, Yonaguni and Miyako island, we mainly dive in Kerama islands.
There are several reasons why we dive in Kerama.

  • Kerama islands have better visibility than other areas.
  • The sea condition is usually quite calm, so any level of divers can enjoy diving.
  • There are more than 50 diving sites.
  • The best accessibility! Only 1 hour from Naha airport.

Diving map

Popular sites

Kuroshima north twin rock
DEPTH: ~40m

It is one of the most popular diving site in Kerama, that makes any level of divers amused. You will find a dynamic drop-off and oceanodromous fish like a group of tuna swimming around it.

What you can find : Sea goldie, double lined fusilier, pygmy seahorse and more.

Sand triangle
DEPTH: ~25m

It’s prefect for beginners because the sea here is usually very calm.
It’s high possibility to sea turtles. There are 5 kinds of anemonefish at this site.

What you can find : Sea turtles, anemonefish and more.

Toma No2
DEPTH: ~35m

It’s a calm sandy point which is suitable for fish watching.
The contrast of white sand and colourful fish is amazing.
Introductory diving can be done here.

What you can find : Garden eels, blue green damselfish, girdled cardinalfish and more.

Dynamic sites

DEPTH: ~35m

This outer reef point with strong current is often used for drift diving.
A variety of sharks, a group of giant trevallies, and even manta rays are spotted at this site.
Do not miss it if you are an advanced diver!

What you can find : Alfred mantas, giant trevallies, ribbon eels and more.

DEPTH: ~40m

You are lucky if you could go there because the current is sometimes too strong to dive.
It is known as a site with millions of fish.
And oceanodromous fish are easily spotted.

What you can find : Dogtooth tunas, giant trevallies, sharks, sleek unicornfish and more.

Other recommended sites

Kerama -ish sites

The huge colony of corals is worth seeing. Broadclub cuttlefish (squid) spawning can be seen from winter to spring.

Aliger cable
Variety of corals and hundred of double-lined fusilier and dogtooth tunas can be seen in the shallow water.

Butsu butsu sango
Fan red corals here is very beautiful. Green turtle and yellow boxfish are often spotted at this site.

There is a coral rock with a lot of swallowtail cardinalfish in the middle of white sand.

Unique sites

Dragon lady
This is the very peaceful site which is perfect for fish watching.
Sea slugs, jawfish, and frogfish can be found.

The shower of light from the rock hole is beautiful.
Red corals and a group of sea goldie make the sea very colourful.

Tom mouya
This site sometimes has a strong current. Dogtooth tunas and a huge group of yellowfin goatfish and Striped large-eye bream can be seen.

This is suitable for drift diving, witch usually has a great visibility.
If you are lucky, you will find a massive group of dogtooth tunas.

Aka branch only sites

This is one of the most peaceful white sandy site.
Enjoy thousands of swallowtail cardinalfish and blue green damselfish swimming around corals.

Adan shita
It is perfect site for fish watching.
You can find ribbon eels, lemon damsel, indo-Pacific sergeant, leaf scorpionfish and more.
Suitable for beginners.

Kappa rock
There are always a big group of striped large-eye breams and yellowfin goatfish. Whitetip reef sharks also can be found.

You are very likely to encounter sea turtles. There are also uncountable colourful fish at this peaceful site.

Out side of Kerama area

※We do not use diving sites below. You have to take a flight for 1 hour or more to get Ishigaki, Miyako or Yonaguni island from Naha.

USS Emmons
It is a famous wreak diving site. The shape of the boat is well reserved.
Advanced diver only due to the depth and the strong current.

Blue cave
You can see beautiful light coming into the cave.
It is known as a snorkel spot as well. It is located in the middle of main land of Okinawa.

Manta city
Manta city in Ishigaki island is know as a place of manta’s cleaning station. It is possible for beginners to dive here.

You can encounter a hundred of hammer head sharks in winter. Advanced divers only due to the strong current.

Which do you prefer?

Stay in the city and enjoy all the sightseeing, dining, and shopping Naha has to offer!

Spend the night in the Kerama National Marine Park!
Enjoy the island’s laid back atmosphere and luxuriant nature!