About Cebu


These years Cebu has already become a popular place to travel in the world. With this lovely weather summer is the only season here, average the sea temperature is 28/C. that is the main reason water sport are popular here. Especially island picnic or Islands Hopping become a national activity because every island has it special view and unique environments. Besides snorkeling and scuba diving are common way to discover Cebu underwater world.

Marine House SEASIR (Cebu branch) located in Mactan island of Cebu which is connected to Cebu Main island with bridges. In Mactan island you can see numerous luxury beach resort, exotic restaurants and the Cebu International airport . Mactan island has all travelling elements such as accommodation, local food and convenient transportation. These advantage make Mactan island become the first option to travel Cebu.


In Mactan island, Cebu you can have some funs not only just in water but also on land! There’re always some shops selling fruit next to the street. Massage shops are everywhere to help you get some relax after day journey. Watching amazing sunset and having delicious food in famous restaurants. Visiting big supermarkets to buy some famous snack in Cebu. These things is also you cannot miss while traveling in Cebu!


Motorcycle with passenger seat on the right side can allow maximum 6 passengers and travel short distance on island. The price normally start from PHP60. Jeepney - Jeep been abandoned from army of U.S.A in World War II. Jeep becomes special and unique jeepney through Philippines people’s remolding. Common used by local people of its low price (starts from 7P for one person).
From Cebu airport to Mactan city resort area take around 30 minutes by taxi.

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